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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Prepaid Baby Phat Rushcard

About : is offering prepaid visa rushcards which are like credit cards with no debts. It offers two cards one is rushcard and the other is Baby Phat Rushcard. IT's easy to access and to apply online. No hidden fees is attached to it and also easily approvable. As this rushcard is a visa card so it can be used worldwide.

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Q: I want to get a rushcard visa card. Being a teenager I want to know whether it is good for applying for it or not?

A: Yah really its good for you having a Prepaid Baby Phat Rushcard as it is just like a visa card not a credit card and also you need not to require more credit. You can use it as cash anywhere, anytime.

Q: Does it will prove costly to have a rushcard prepaid visa card?

A: Rush card is a prepaid card and have no hidded cost attached to it also you can easily apply for it online. So, I think it will not prove costly like other credit cards.

Q: Baby Phat Rushcard from Had anyone heard of it?

A: Baby Phat Rushcard is like a prepaid visa card and is of pink color and also easily activated and can be used globally.

Q: I had applied for a rushcard and now I want to cash my check using ATM like any debit card. Is it possible with rushcard too?

A: Rush card is a visa card not a debit card which you can use in ATM's also.

Q: I had a rushcard and I am trying to have my tax refund. But I can't get it for so many days. What to do?

A: You must call at the number written on the back of the card You got from

Q: Had anyone can tell me about the promo code of

A: For it you must visit their website in the commercial column.

Q: I had a checking account and the other savings account in various banks. Is it good for me to get a rush card too?

A: Firstly, never close your savings account. Also having rushcard is not a big problem its just like a visa card and you can have it easily.

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