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Saturday, May 9, 2009

READYdebit Card

About : Ready offers a prepaid visa debit card in which you can easily deposit money before using and can help you prevent excess shopping as like in credit cards. Also, there will be no credit checks, no any type of interest rates and also no late fees and all.

Online Since : 2006, October 11

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Q: Is there any difference between the ready debit card and the checking bank account?

A: In any banking checking account there is lots of paper work and some late fee and negatuive balance charges. But with this prepaid ready debit card you can easily apply online and with direct deposit you can easily spend what you can afford or you want to spend.

Q: I want to withdraw money using my prepaid ready debit card from ATMs. Is it possible?

A: Yes, you can easily withdraw money from ATMs where visa cards or master cards are widely accepted with your prepaid card.

Q: How can it be poosible to check my balances in my account?

A: You can easily login enter your id and can easily access about your detailed account information.

Q: I want to do some tax refunds using readydebit prepaid card. How can it be done?

A: For getting detailed info you must visit their website and ask the customer service also.

Q: I want to know whether this card accepts a paydayloan or not?

A: Most of the companies don't allow prepaid card companies to accept their paydayloans readydebit is one of them.

Q: How can I add cash money into my prepaid card?

A: You can easily direct deposit to your, account following some simple steps. For more info visit the page

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